Finally! A role-playing game for mature gamers!

Mystic Rune™ is a game that is written especially for the thinking gamer. It removes the limitations of its predecessors. There are no Character Classes, Alignments, Levels, or illogical limitations to your character. You can play virtually any type of character you envision.

Mystic Rune™ makes use of a Skill Point system, so if you want to play a spell caster that is also a mighty warrior, you can!

In addition to logical, realistic combat rules, Mystic Rune™ uses an intricate, but easy to use magic system. Your spell caster will have flexibility in style and ability.

Speaking of flexibility, Mystic Rune™ allows for maximum flexibility so that the Game Master can create the worlds and adventures he has always dreamed of, without the limitations that other games offer. The Mystic Rune™ rules are simply a base from which to build.

Mystic Rune™ offers all the rules you need to create and play exciting adventures in a fantasy setting. The only limitation is your imagination!

Mystic Rune™ was first conceived in 1987 (fully developed in 1991) and has been utilized by several game groups who have play-tested it over the course of 28 years! Mystic Rune™ has seen several revisions over that time, but has remained (until now) a, primarily, local labor of love. It has now been revised for publication and is available on Amazon.com in print and Kindle editions.