This game is played with a standard deck of cards. Recommended for 5 to 7 Players.

The players are a group of rebels trying to bring down tyranny; however, the group has been infiltrated by government agents that seek to sabotage them. The excitement comes from trying to place the proper people on a mission to accomplish your goal, while only the Saboteurs really know who they are.

There will be 5 Missions. Mission 1 has 2 agents. Missions 2 and 3 will have 3 agents. Mission 4 and 5 will have 4 agents. The goal of the Rebels’ is to successfully complete 3 missions to bring down the Tyrant. The Saboteurs’ goal is to sabotage 3 missions to stop the Rebels… preferably without revealing they are government agents.

Each Mission will fail with a single Sabotage Card being played… except Mission 4, which will require 2 Sabotage Cards to be played in order to Sabotage the mission. The leader of the Mission will choose agents to go on the Mission. The decision can be accepted or rejected by the players. If rejected, the player to the left becomes the new leader, who will then pick agents for the Mission. This will continue until a Mission is assigned or the chosen agents have been rejected 5 times. If the agents are rejected 5 times during a Mission, the Mission fails and the Saboteurs win the game.

Set Up:
1. Sabotage requires a regular deck of playing cards. 5 to 7 players are recommended.
2. A leader is chosen by whatever means you desire.
3. The deck of cards is separated as follows:
Player Cards: 4 Kings, 2 Jokers, and the Queen of Spades
Sabotage Cards: 4 Aces
Rebel Cards: 4 Jacks
Accept Cards: Any numbered (2 to 9) Black card equal in amount to the number of players (5 Players = 5 Accept Cards).
Reject Cards: Any numbered (2 to 9) Red card equal in amount to the number of players (5 Players = 5 Reject Cards).
Mission Cards: The 4 number Ten cards.
4. The Player Cards are mixed randomly by two separate people (one shuffles them, and then another person does it again). The leader then gives one to each player. The Players are NOT to reveal, describe, or otherwise give away which card they have until the game is over. The Kings are rebels. The Jokers and Queen of Spades are Saboteurs. In a game of 5 players, 3 Kings and 2 Jokers will be used. If 6 are playing, use 4 Kings and 2 Jokers. Use all of the cards if there are 7 Players.
5. The leader then deals 1 Accept and 1 Reject card to each player.
6. The leader places the Rebel Cards in a stack, face down, and does the same with the Sabotage Cards.
7. The leader sets the Mission Cards in a stack, face up, in front of him.
8. The leader then has everyone (including himself) close their eyes. He will then instruct the Saboteurs to secretly open their eyes and make eye contact with their co-conspirators. After a moment he will instruct the Saboteurs to close their eyes again. He will then tell everyone to open their eyes.
9. Play begins.

How to Play:
1. The leader will lay a Ten Card in front of the people he would like to go on a Mission.
2. The Players will then lay an Accept or Reject Card, face down, in front of them.
3. Once all the Players have laid a card in front of them, the played Accept/Reject Cards are revealed. A majority vote Accepts/Rejects the Agents. A tie acts as an acceptance of the agents.
4. Once the agents are chosen, the leader will give each agent a card (face down) from the Rebel stack, and a card (face down) from the Sabotage stack.
5. The agents will then secretly choose which card to play. Rebels MUST play a Rebel Card, but Saboteurs can choose either card. The chosen card is then given, face down, to the leader. The leader will (without looking) secretly mix/shuffle the cards. He will then give the stack to someone (who is not on the Mission) to again secretly mix/shuffle the cards. The leader will then reveal the cards one at a time to see if the Mission succeeded or was Sabotaged.
6. The leader will then turn the cards back over, the unchosen cards will then be returned (face down) and the leader will secretly mix/shuffle the cards, and then he will give them to another Player who will secretly mix/shuffle the cards again. The cards are then to be separated back into a Rebel stack and a Sabotage stack.
7. The leadership then moves to the left, and play continues.
8. The team who successfully reaches their goal wins the game.
9. When the game is over, the players will then flip over their Player Card to reveal if they were a Rebel or a Saboteur.